Norwegian Language, Fjords, Food and Culture

Stord Folk High School 2023-24​

Learn Norwegian and make lifelong friendships in the unique fjord landscape of western Norway.

Experience the fascinating Norwegian culture, food and nature with travels and experiences all year round

At Stord Folk High school you have the opportunity to gain fluency in the Norwegian language, make lifelong friendships and explore the Norwegian culture.

Our course is a 200 hour basic norwegian language course.

This Norwegian course is suitable for beginners and for students with little previous knowledge of the language. The first semester we focus on basic grammar and use of everyday language in both oral and written production. In the second semester the students build upon their vocabulary and grammatical skills to further expand their knowledge of the language. Immersion into the Norwegian lifestyle greatly excellerates the learning.

This is a boarding school where the majority of the students are Norwegian – You have an unique opportunity to practice your new language skills.

The pictoresque west coast brings us close to the majestic fjords, scenic mountains and historical towns. Throughout the year you will travel and experience the breathtaking Norwegian nature in all its glory. The Hardangerfjord in our veteran cruise ship, Preikestolen, Gaustatoppen and Rjukan, the North Sea, and so much more lying right at our door step. 

Experience the food and culture, as you’ll taste and learn how traditional Norwegian cuisine is made, and visit historic sites such as Bryggen i Bergen and the Viking farms in Karmøy.

At the school you are integrated with the Norwegian students and spend time togther in the other courses, living arrangements and all daily activities. 

Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
Havkajakk Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
Matpause med utsikt
Eit aktivt og engasjert organisasjons- og kulturliv. Her frå Storapride
Godt på veg på fjellet, friluft Stord folkehøgskule
Norwegian Language study Stord Folk High School
Aking Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
The view mountains Stord Folk High School
Havkajakk Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
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Båttur Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
Norwegian Language study Stord Folk High School
Havkajakk Harmoni Stord Folkehøgskule
Nådd toppen i fint vintervær
Meir av dagens fangst på folkhøgskulen
Solnedgang i vinterfjellet
pinnekjøtt jul catering stord folkehøgskule
Havkajakk i Sunnhordland, på Stord folkehøgskule
Tur på Stord folkehøgskule
Nådd toppen i fint vintervær, herlig for kropp, helse og sjel
Bokklubben som valfag Stord folkehøgskule
Via Ferrata med Råskap sport og spenning idrett friluftsliv trening
Interrail Stord folkehøgskule
Uforingen Stord folkehøgskule
Ekursjon på øyhopping
Lite kø til Preikestolen om vinteren. Stord folkehøgskule
Straks ved toppen
Eit rikt organisasjons- og kulturliv. Her frå festivalen Falturiltu

We have made a full guide on applying, information on Folk High Schools etc in our ENGLISH section.

If anything is unclear, we hope you make contact with us on email or telephone (*47) 53 41 44 44.

Here is our complete english guide.

When spring nears we’re heading out to explore some of the greatest sights in Norway.

We’re going to walk the Queen’s Path high above the Hardangerfjord, we’re visiting Voss for some Smalahove-tasting, heading to famous Rjukan, we’re we will ascend the glorious Gaustatoppen mountain (by foot or train). We’re the view shows us a third of Norway from one mountaintop. We will visit Vemork, and many amazing places a long the trip. 

Island – Eventyrreisa til Sagaøya

Obligatory: No, this trip is not included as standard, but is an offered opportunity.
Extra cost: 12 000

– Geysirs, glaciers, volcanoes, Reykjavik, Gullfoss, rafting, riding an Icelandic horse, hot baths and much more.

A trip to Iceland is something in itself. In Iceland you will find varied, dramatic and untouched nature with glaciers, hot springs and mighty waterfalls, which make the trip a unique experience with memories to last a lifetime. The exotic nature offers many opportunities for relaxation and exciting activities.

The Icelandic nature is varied and exotic, and in nature you can see traces of how the natural elements have shaped Iceland through volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and erosion. Over eleven percent of the country is covered by magnificent glaciers. The largest is Vatnajökull (8,400 square kilometers and 1,000 meters thick).

On the trip around the island in a minibus, you get to experience both well-known tourist destinations, but it is even more exciting to discover lesser-known but equally spectacular places. Many wonderful photo spots in the magnificent Icelandic landscape! Bathing in different hot springs every day, unique nature experiences and good stories.




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Stord, The Pulpit (Preikestolen), Sunnhordland, The Queen’s Trail, Etne-mountains, Kvinnherad-alps and much more. Together we will plan longer and shorter excursions to well-known, spectacular destinations, or more unknown but equally wonderful destinations you have not heard of.

Our tours are unique experiences that are often difficult to carry out on your own, such as fjord cruises with veteran ships in the beautiful Hardangerfjord. You will travel on various trips near and far. Some tours are linked to the individual lines, while others are shared by the school.

Winter adventure

When winter hits, I travel to Hovden for days of skiing and alpine skiing. Here it is possible for flat tours, slalom, gentle tours, tobogganing, summit tours, steep tours or very steep tours. Something for all levels!


The veteran boat MS Sunnhordland in Western Norway

The school year gets off to a flying start with the whole school traveling on the veteran ship MS Sunnhordland into the beautiful Hardangerfjord and around the Sunnhordland archipelago. We experience great stops and enjoy beautiful nature and unique straits on board a historic ship!


This course is suitable for young people you would like to learn the Norwegian language and explore the Norwegian culture and nature. Most of our students are from 18-25 years old.

  • Learn to speak (and write) Norwegian
  • Discover Norwegian culture and traditions
  • Visit interesting historical and natural sites
  • Taste and make Norwegian food
  • Be a part of a Norwegian and international student environment
  • Learn to live at a boarding school
  • Engage with norwegian students alongside all other activities

Stord Folkehøgskule is a free-spirited folk high school. Here you can frolic in urban Stord, the city in the middle of nature, in the heart of the archipelago Sunnhordland, at the heart of the renowed Hardangerfjorden. The school has several exciting and varied lines, many fun electives, newly renovated buildings and a highly motivated new staff ready to receive you.

Liberal School with over 100 student places, and 9 different and exciting courses. 

Why choose Stord?

Follow your interests, teaming up with others with their interests.
Have fun electives to fill up the year with what you are curious about!
An active and urban center, with many exciting leisure activities at the same time as …
… you get an incredibly short way to the fjord, the mountains, island hopping and forests and fields. With access to all possible equipment
Because you want friends for life, and experience a lot of new things in a good social community.
You will learn about how you make things happen in society, festivals, companies, clubs or other

At Stord Folkehøgskule, we gather different people with different interests under one roof. Here you meet as well as the same line as you, and many others on our other lines. And we fill up with incredibly exciting electives with everything from sports, creative subjects to diving and escape room.

Stord Folkehøgskule believes in the best in people, our diversity and community strengthens us.


Courses at the school (Norwegian)


The Norwegian Language, Fjord, Food and Culture class has various outdoor equipment for international students:

  • Hammocks 
  • Sleeping outdoor mattresses (thin and thick)
  • Sleeping bags
  • Watterbottles
  • Sporks, Thermos, Cups, Plates
  • Headlights
  • Spikes for Winter hike
  • Fishing rod
  • Canoes
  • Life jackets
  • Cabin in the Hovden mountain area
  • Sledding mattresses (Agder cabin)
  • According to our students : great beds!
  • Tents
  • Lavvu
  • Kettles, pans etc for outdoor use
  • 70 L ryghsack for backpacking
  • 30 L ryghsack for daily use
  • Winterclothes (jacket, trouser, gloves, beenie, buff / scarf)
  • WOOL (woolen underwear top + bottom, woolen socks)
  • Hikingshoes and Hiking trousers
  • Outdoor jacket, Rainclothes
  • Sunglasses for dogsledding / skiing
  • Daily clothes including daily shoes
  • Indoor shoes

Please contact Irene or Torunn if you have any challenges regarding the list, we will find a solution.

International students can apply already